Steel Door Installation

Partner with experienced professionals to install and maintain dependable, premium steel door assets for your warehouse or other facility.


Ensuring the safety of your premises involves installing strong steel doors that can deter intruders, pests, and withstand various weather elements.

Various types of assets fall under the steel door category, including rolling steel doors, metal shutters, and grilles that are commonly used in distribution centers, parking garages, retail stores, or standard warehouse spaces.

Trusting skilled professionals to handle the selection, installation, and upkeep of these doors will help maintain their optimal condition and reliable performance for years on end.


Steel doors provide a strong barrier between your building and the outside world, ensuring the security of your warehouse or facility, particularly outside of regular business hours.

To make sure your facility has the best possible experience with its steel doors and achieves optimal total cost of ownership, it’s worth turning to skilled professionals for your service needs. There’s extra value to be added at every step of the process of selecting, installing and maintaining this commercial door hardware.

It might seem like a lot of attention to detail for just steel doors, but it’s actually very important to make sure they work well. Getting professional help with installing and maintaining commercial steel doors is key to making sure they last a long time and work great.


There's a selection of commercial door solutions available to businesses, all of which are categorized as steel doors. Each type serves a unique function in maintaining the seamless operation of your commercial structure. They include:

Ensure the safety of your facility by installing this sturdy door, which serves as an excellent defense against various threats such as extreme weather and potential intruders. Available in a range of steel door frame sizes, with dimensions of up to 60 feet wide by 40 feet high, you can customize your selection to meet your specific needs. Whether you opt for heavy-duty, medium-duty, or light-duty doors, you can rest assured that your new asset will provide the protection you require. Consider doors designed for high wind load applications for enhanced security against adverse weather conditions.

Rolling steel doors are equipped with helical torsion springs that are engineered to endure 25,000 cycles. High-capacity springs are also an option for doors that experience frequent opening and closing. The smooth movement of ROS rolling steel doors is facilitated by precisely calibrated counterbalance systems.

The doors come equipped with automated opening systems and a personalized finishing touch to complement the aesthetic of your commercial property while maintaining a professional appearance.

Ensure the protection of your establishment during non-operating hours by implementing a rolling metal grille.

  1. Seal off structures that are vulnerable to weather conditions, such as parking garages.
  2. Offer increased security for a glass door at the front of a business establishment.
  3. Operates as the central security gateway for units situated within confined areas, like malls, shopping centers, banks, and airports.

Through a nationwide OEM network, ROS offers both sliding and rolling metal grille equipment. The decision between the two depends on factors such as the amount of headroom available. Various opening methods are available, including manual, mechanical, push-up, chain, and crank options.

Consider investing in a motorized automatic opener to streamline your employees' tasks or to grant them access to large frame steel grille assets. When installed in a garage, this opener can be integrated with a sensor to facilitate the movement of vehicles. Just like with rolling steel doors, you have the flexibility to customize the appearance of your grille.

Similar to a rolling steel door, a metal security shutter is designed for smaller spaces such as a food service counter, customer service desk, or retail shop front. These shutters can be installed on the exterior or interior of a building, such as in a cafeteria.

These shutters are made from galvanized steel and designed to be too strong for intruders to damage. Depending on the size and intended use of your shutter, you can opt for manual or automatic opening, and choose between rolling or sliding tracks.

ROS America Racking is the perfect ally to assist your company in choosing the appropriate loading dock equipment for various purposes. By maintaining strong partnerships with leading equipment suppliers worldwide, ROS guarantees a diverse range of options for you to select from, allowing for a seamless alignment between the equipment and your requirements.

ROS offers a design and installation program that provides consultation and recommendations on the most suitable loading dock equipment for your facility. Collaborating with our skilled professionals guarantees proper installation and configuration of assets for your company. From the design phase to startup, commissioning, and beyond, ROS is there to assist every step of the way.

After the assets have been installed, it is crucial to guarantee that they remain in optimal condition and do not deteriorate over time, posing a risk to employees or the efficiency of the supply chain. This is where continuous maintenance and repair services come into play.


No matter the number of facilities you manage or their locations across the contiguous United States, there are ROS service experts situated close to your company's assets, prepared to deliver top-notch services.


Professional installation of a steel door, grille, or shutter ensures years of dependable performance, offering a superior total cost of ownership compared to those installed less effectively. After the expert-led installation of commercial doors, it is essential to regularly assess the condition, age, and wear of your assets.

The data can provide valuable information for your proactive maintenance program, giving you the necessary insights to perform checks and repairs on the commercial door hardware, which can help prevent unexpected failures and costly downtime. By maintaining doors at this level, they can remain reliable for years and thousands of cycles, creating a safer environment for your employees and ensuring smoother operations.


With ROS, the entire process of acquiring and operating steel doors is effortless. As a national service provider, ROS America Racking collaborates with leading OEMs across the country to cater to your steel door needs, from selection to installation, maintenance, and repair, whether you have one warehouse or multiple.

Our team of factory-trained technicians is adept at aligning new door systems with your precise requirements. This is particularly significant in situations where the current door assets of a commercial building do not meet commercial standards.

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If your current facility doors are old, damaged, or compromised, you may face breakdowns and be vulnerable to risks such as pests, intruders, and other threats. Investing in the correct installation of new, high-quality assets can guarantee reliability in the long run.

To guarantee a proper setup, it is essential to have steel doors installed by factory-trained professionals. Incorrect installation can compromise their effectiveness, potentially harming the service life, reliability, and overall cost of owning the asset.

To ensure that your facility's steel doors remain in excellent condition for years to come, proactive maintenance is the recommended approach. Utilizing data-driven proactive maintenance can help minimize the risk of unexpected downtime, enhance safety and efficiency, and save money on emergency repairs.

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