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Onsite Warehouse Pallet Rack Inspection & Repair Solutions

Damaged or deformed racks can pose serious problems for a company, impacting security and logistics. The process of replacing these racks is both complex and costly. ROS has conducted extensive studies to engineer a patented repair method that eliminates the need for replacing the damaged up-rights. This innovative system enables the restoration of warehouse racks, even under maximum pallet load with damage categories green and amber, while ensuring compliance with OSHA safety standards.

Rack Repair Benefits

If you are interested in learning more about our dedicated racking repair solutions and services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a representative from ROS America Racking today. We provide a wide range of services to diverse clients in various industries and sectors, guaranteeing the safety and dependability of their racking systems through long-lasting, smooth, cost-effective, and efficient repair, inspection, installation, maintenance, and certification services. Contact us at 602-339-8113 to speak with one of our team members today!

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Warehouse Racking Services & Solutions

Expert Warehouse Rack Inspections

While we specialize in a unique approach to rack repairs using a hydraulic system to restore damaged uprights, we also provide a thorough and efficient warehouse racking inspection service that aids in maintaining the safety and efficiency of your storage solutions. This solution guarantees adherence to safety regulations and promotes the continued functionality of your facility.

Structural Integrity

System Application

Accurate Record Keeping

Our racking inspection solutions are designed with a set of fundamental principles. The first principle is seamlessness, which guarantees that inspections are conducted at regular intervals without causing any disruptions to your operations. Additionally, our inspection process meticulously records every aspect of your storage solutions, enabling us to identify when an inspection is required and when certification needs to be renewed, relieving you of any concerns or additional effort.

We prioritize thoroughness in all our operations, ensuring that no detail is overlooked during our warehouse racking inspection services. This approach enables us to promptly address any underlying issues and proactively plan for future maintenance and repairs.

Our Racking Inspection Process

Our rack inspection services involve a detailed examination of all components in your racking systems to verify their continued safety and reliability. We provide comprehensive reports that categorize damages as minor, significant, or critical, facilitating a targeted approach to necessary rack repairs.

By doing all of this, your facility can easily maintain safety, organization, and profitability, all while saving money and without any additional effort on your part. The peace of mind that this gives our clients ensures great value for them, allowing them to dedicate time and resources to enhancing safety measures and investing in other areas of their operations.


Design, Build, Dismantle, Remove - ROS AMERICA RACKING DOES IT ALL

Just One Phone Call - Choose us as your partner for reliable warehousing solutions. With our skilled team, industry expertise, and abundant resources, we can assist you in maximizing space and achieving operational efficiency and ROI.

  • Design & engineering - storage solutions custom-fit for your needs from industrial shelving and pallet racking to high-volume picking and packing solutions
  • Space optimization - mezzanines, multi-level pick modules and conveyors
  • Professional installation, rack inspection & repair services
  • Teardown and removal services
  • Selling new and used warehouse racking
  • We also will purchase your used racks

Contact our team today to discuss your warehousing challenges and goals. Let’s make a plan and get you where you need to be.

Warehouse Pallet Rack Design And Installation

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We Offer Our Warehouse Solutions Across The Continuous 48 United States

With a one-of-a-kind method for fixing racks and a long list of happy clients from coast to coast, ROS America Racking is in a great location to help warehouses and facilities all over the continuous 48 states of America. Whether you need repairs, a new racking system, or to take down and remove old racks, our professionals have the perfect solution to make things simpler, quicker, and saves your business money. These are some of the cities we’ve done work in: