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Best Solution

Damaged or deformed racks are cause for concern because of the associated security and logistical problems. Replacing racks is a complicated process that is also very expensive.

After extensive studies, ROS has developed a patented repair method that makes replacing the uprights unnecessary. This innovative system makes restoring the racks possible, even under maximum pallet load with damage category green and amber. The entire process is according to the legal safety standards.

We have had 11 years of success with this system and over 1.3 million repairs to date. Thanks to this patented system, developed by ROS, we can now restore racks to their original shape without the need to replace or unload the racks. The original loading capacity is preserved post-repair.

Key Features


No disruption or delays in your production time. Repairs are done in 30+ minutes.


No need for extra parts.

Money Saving

Up to 80% on the costs of a new rack.

Additional racking services are available, including racking installation, tear-down, relocation and additional repair options. Some damage cannot be repaired using the ROS system however; these repairs can still be made by using leg kits or replacements.